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As a Library Trustee, Julie will work to shepherd in the new building and new opportunities for the village. Library Pride will bring more Lombard Pride. This new building will be a place to connect, share, and learn. 

In-person community connections have been missing during the COVID pandemic. Running into a neighbor or friend at the library, school, or grocery store parking lot has been absent. Julie looks forward to the new Helen Plum Library as its space and programming will provide the community with opportunities for reconnecting with neighbors and friends. 

Helen Plum Library is a Resource for All

As trustee, Julie will be a steward of the library’s core values and resources. As an educator, Julie has seen the value that access to books and libraries provides a community, but libraries are so much more than books. The library is a critical part of the community that offers various literacy programs and 21st century skills to residents of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

The New Building

The new Helen Plum Library building will be a showcase and a place for community connection and value.  Julie will make sustainability a priority, both fiscally and environmentally. Investment in the library is investment in the community. Because of this, it is important to be economical with the library district resources to ensure it is of greatest value to current residents and strong for generations to come.


If I am fortunate to be elected, the building plan will be well underway, but I will work towards making the building a gem in the area with a keen eye on the community benefit for all, value, and safety.  

Additionally, the new library building has an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. Decisions we make today will help the library save money on resources and add to improving the village while balancing the environment with library resources and needs.

Helen Plum Library, More than Just Books:

Birth - Preschool:

Books, puzzles, toys, "A 1,000 books before Kindergarten", exploratory play area for socialization, book/story time activity packets during COVID.

Elementary School Students

Books, audiobooks, research, programs like summer reading, craft and technology activities, online book resources including "Tumblebooks".



Volunteer opportunities, technology resources, place to study and meet with peers, 21st century research skills, online research databases, "Teen Book Hub" online, library pen pal program.


Technology resources and training, job seeking resources, book clubs, film clubs, craft programming, genealogy resources, business resource and programming, Mango language learning online, notary services, speakers and more.

Museum passes, homeschool resources, DIY story time, homework assistance, iPad rental, family trivia, book resources.

Digital & Online Resources

Digital magazines, comics, audiobooks, learn a language through Mango online, free online classes through a variety of programs. 

Language Learners:

Conversation groups, English Learner (EL) resources for checkout, community resources.