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Julie is an 11-year resident of Lombard with her husband and two dogs. Reading, literacy and libraries are a passion of hers. She has been an educator for 20 years, currently working as a reading specialist and English Language Arts Department Leader at a middle school. She has worked with grant budgets and as a contract negotiator for her local teachers union.

As an avid reader, she is a believer in the power of literacy and libraries. Julie is a board member of the Helen Plum Library Foundation and hopes to serve Lombard residents by making the new library a community center for generations to come.

Julie will bring her passion and experience as an educator and leader in literacy to support the library as it moves into its next phase. The library is a critical part of the community that offers various literacy programs and 21st century skills to residents of all ages. As a Library Trustee, her goal is to foster transparency between the community and the library, sustainability - fiscally and environmentally, and stewardship of the library’s core values and resources.


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